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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Streamline your business operations and automate your success! With our innovative automation software solutions, we help businesses eliminate manual tasks, reduce errors and free up valuable time and resources to optimize their operations. Our team of experts work with our clients to design and implement customized solutions that fits their needs and help them achieve their goals. We leverage the power of technology to deliver solutions that are user friendly and secure. In addition to these, we also offer ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that your systems are always functioning at their best.


Key Benefits:

  • Improve business efficiency and productivity
  • Increase accuracy and consistency
  • Reduce Human Error
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Enhance data management and protection

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Empowering business efficiency through automation! Optimise your business operations through an effective ERP system. Our ERP software maximises efficiency by automating complex and time-consuming tasks, so you can dedicate more resources to growing your business. It also allows you to access powerful, cloud-based analytics that generate meaningful insights on the go that help improve productivity for smarter decisions. Our team are also Microsoft 365 experts. From managing email and calendars to collaborating on documents, our Microsoft experts are here to help you get the most of your Microsoft 365 investment. Microsoft Dynamics, NAV is a leading business management solution for small and mid-sized companies. Our team has extensive experience in implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics which allows us to provide unparalleled customised solutions to our clients. Our expertise means that we can help you streamline operations, increase efficiency, and manage your business in one single spot.


Key Benefits:

  • Boost productivity by 50%
  • Seamlessly track & manage your supply chain in compliance
  • Track projects and job costings
  • Powerful ERP functionality with customizable features
  • Native integration with online CRMs
  • Cost Reduction on IT over the years

Customer Relationship Management solutions (CRM)

The key to effectively grow your business! Make customer relationships effortless with our CRM solutions that seamlessly integrate with your current database and applications so you can track your customer’s journey from initial contact to conversion. With our AI-powered system, you can identify patterns, uncover trends and adjust engagement in real time for maximum returns.

Key Benefits:

  • Seamless Integration with Office 365
  • Accessible via web browser, Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, mobile App
  • Increase your efficiency in handling customer issues or support requests
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Boost up business productivity
  • Keeps out-of-the-office employees in touch
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Leads & opportunity management
  • Account & contact management
  • Sales force automation and mobility
  • Case management
  • After sales service scheduling
  • Incident routing & queuing
  • Reports & Dashboards 360 customer View

Microsoft Power BI

Driving meaningful insights with Microsoft Power BI! With our state-of-the-art platform, generate highly customised reports with all the information you need at a moment’s notice. Track key performance indicators, identify trends, or even run predicting models – all in one place. Our interface is designed with ease of use in mind and help in improving decision making.

Key Benefits:

  • Make better informed decisions with confidence
  • Easily share and collaborate with other team members
  • Flexible and secure mobile access
  • Access your data on the go
  • Real time dashboard updates
  • Build your business on secure data analytics
  • Unlock insights on your data
  • Easily connect to, model, and visualize your data from various sources
  • Transform data into stunning visuals
  • Turn your data into a business advantage
  • Trust a recognised leader for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

Microsoft Power Apps

Building more with less!

Our partnership with Microsoft Power Apps allows us to provide our clients with access to the latest and most innovative solutions from Microsoft. It also allows businesses to build custom, mobile-friendly apps that seamlessly integrates with their existing systems and data. Power Apps provides the necessary tools needed to perform complex tasks to efficiently manage a business.

As certified Microsoft experts, we have the skills and expertise to help businesses fully leverage this platform and build custom solutions for any business needs.

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