Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Smart, Agile & Efficient

Streamline your business operations and automate your success!

With our innovative automation software solutions, we help businesses eliminate manual tasks, reduce errors and free up valuable time and resources to optimize their operations.

Our team of experts work with our clients to design and implement customized solutions that fits their needs and help them achieve their goals. We leverage the power of technology to deliver solutions that are user friendly and secure. In addition to these, we also offer ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that your systems are always functioning at their best.

Process Optimisation

As experts in process optimisation, we offer customised solutions designed to streamline operations, cut costs, and boost scalability. Our team works closely with you to identify inefficiencies and develop targeted strategies that enhance productivity and operational resilience.

With a focus on measurable results, we implement best practices and innovative approaches that drive significant improvements in your business processes. Whether you’re looking to refine your workflow, increase throughput, or scale your operations, our tailored solutions are engineered to help you achieve your goals efficiently and sustainably.

Your benefits:

  • Boost productivity and maximise profits with optimised processes
  • Implement industry-leading practices and powerful tools to streamline operations
  • Increase efficiency and cut costs with a focus on your organisation’s overall financial health

Turbo-boost your business with our robotic process automation tools

RPA bots utilise the user interface for capturing data and manipulate applications similar to humans; such bots are capable of interpreting, triggering responses, and communicating with other systems in order to perform a wide variety of repetitive tasks.

The advantages of using RPA to maximise business efficiency are: Boost productivity and enhance better use of human resources Increase efficiency and generate cost savings Lower Operational Risks Better customer experience Leverage better insights & data for analytics

New heights for Innovation through ExtrAI

ExtrAI enables automated data extraction from documents (invoices, bank statements, receipts, etc) using Artificial Intelligence and ultimately helps to streamline key finance processes, such as the Accounts Payable processes.

It helps unify your entire organization around key metrics by eliminating repetitive manual tasks hence everyone can focus on the core business processes which is maximizing revenue.

ExtrAI enables you to

  • Gain massive efficiency and processing time by 60%
  • Reduce workload of repetitive task for employees
  • Eliminate human errors Native integration with online CRMs
  • Cost Reduction on IT over the years

Data Driven precision in the health care
industry is here with Med-AI

The digital revolution in medicine and in the healthcare sector is leading to a major change in medical imaging and digital diagnostics.

Med-AI enables you to

  • Greatly improves scan analysis and
    report generation time by
    healthcare professionals
  • Early detection of abnormalities
  • Helps to reduces medical errors

Introducing TranscrAI for boarding
meeting professionals

TranscrAI is a digital user-friendly board-meeting transcriptor designed by our very own technology experts that aims at rendering the work of company secretaries and board professionals more efficient.

TranscrAI uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to create an exact transcript of Board recordings. It comes with necessary features to enable Board professionals to easily verify and edit the transcripts before generating the final minutes of meeting while all the time keeping the data secure.

The current version is designed for board meetings conducted in English with automatic message separation of the speakers in the meeting and exact transcription even if speakers have different accents be it American, UK, African, Indian, etc. The future version will include transcriptions for meetings carried out in French.

TranscrAI enables you to

  • Keep your team in the loop by sharing
    files with respective board members.
    A 3-hour meeting transcribed in less than 20 minutes.
  • Easily index and search for transcripts through powered AI search
  • Improve your business efficiency 
by 75%

Re-imagining the workplace with Oriyel

Oriyel is a fully managed desktop on demand service enabling employees to securely access their applications and data through a browser. With Oriyel, a safer work environment is created for both employers and employees enabling more flexibility while having the same user experience regardless of where they are.

Easily access your full desktop environment in a browser, anywhere, through any device Minimal computer needed, leading to major cost savings in IT Hardware Major software cost reduction as typical office licenses are not needed No storage of data on endpoint devices, enabling effective data protection

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