Great Leap of Ultra fast Internet connectivity

Great Leap of Ultra fast Internet connectivity

Koyal Bissessur

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Over the past decade, Mauritius has embarked on a technology transformation powered by constant connectivity. Today, most businesses in Mauritius have access to high-speed internet networks that have changed the way we work.

But in order to ensure that businesses function effectively, we at Rogers Capital Technology have transitioned from an era defined by megabits to one in which gigabit connectivity is unleashed per second by fully deploying our underground fiber optic network in Port Louis and Ebene.

The premise

Our client, one of the biggest IT companies situated in Ebene, was on the quest of finding the ideal internet provider, one can provide not only high speed internet but offer a full package that can complement its business activities to international markets. After evaluating many internet services provider, the client came to know about Rogers Capital through its multiple marketing initiatives which deployed a team of dedicated experts to assist the client. A research was conducted in assessing the clients background and specific need in terms of connectivity with a view of providing the client with a unique tailor-made service.

The seamless process of Rogers Capital

By listening closely to the clients’ pain points, the main conclusion that was derived was that the client was tired of the search of different providers when it came to connectivity and cyber security services. With recent spikes in cyber-crime attacks, many companies both at local and international levels made it a key priority to secure their themselves against cyber-attacks. The ideal provider to this company, would be one which can provide a one-stop shop to address all its needs and this is how we came into play.

Since we have a proven track record of delivering customized mission critical Data & Internet Connectivity solutions for both local and international entities, we have been able to provide a high band width capacity in gigabit per second to the client through our fully managed end to end connectivity services which in turn ensured business continuity with them.

Overcoming the challenges

Today, we have eleven players with two main players having the lion share of the market. During the last three years, we have extensively collaborated with our partners to be perceived as trustworthy and to position ourselves as market leaders. We have approached many industries to provide our service offering many of which are clients of Rogers Capital Technology today. As we made ourselves more visible in the market, we faced fierce price wars from competitors which caused us to re-think our strategy. Much work and effort were put in re-designing our value proposition. On the top of being an ultra-fast internet provider for businesses we have been recognised by Microsoft as a company delivering excellent standard services and this is how we became a Microsoft Gold Partner. With this in place, we have been able to provide bundled services to our clients and today we supply most of the banking, finance, automobile, logistics sectors in Mauritius. We are slowly supplying the retail sectors which has started to grow as well.

Key Benefits for the client:

  1. The deployment and integration process was hassle-free and seamless
  2. Received consultative expertise and the maximum support possible from Rogers Capital Technology
  3. The client is now able to deal with international markets within seconds
  4. Received Microsoft based IT products from Rogers Capital Technology

We cannot always respond to price wars and copy competition, in a dynamic market it is fundamental to remain firm and believe in your product and service proposition. With strong strategic thinking and guided by our mission statement, we have been able to navigate and evolve for the better to provide our clients with the best”. – says our Head of Managed Connectivity Services at Rogers Capital Technology.

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